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Personalized letters from Santa Claus

Letters & Packages From Santa

Don't let your child wonder if Santa received their carefully composed Christmas list. Instead, infuse your home with a little holiday spirit by using Santa Will Write. Using our easy-to-use online software, you can create personalized postcards from Santa to your children in a few minutes. However, the magic doesn't have to stop there. We also offer fantastic letter packages that will make your child the talk of the town.

Nostalgic Touches

Here are just a few of the items available in our different packages:

Fun Gifts For Your Child

Because a written letter might not appeal to younger children, some of our packages come along with fun, family-friendly toys, such as:

Keepsakes for Memory Boxes or Frames

We want you to remember this Christmas forever, which is why some of our packages come with keepsakes for memory boxes or frames. Here are a few things we offer that might be fun to keep:

Keep in mind that some of our packages offer different products than others. Check out the handy chart above to see a complete list of which items come in each package.

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